When you wear dentures, it is normal practice to take them out at night or at other times during the day. The reason for this is to give your gums and other oral tissues (that bear the dentures) a chance to rest. Taking the dentures out also allows you to clean both them and your mouth.

However, despite these reasons, it is people who get new dentures are required to wear them continuously for the first 48 hours. What is the reason for this? Below is a look at reasons why you should wear your dentures for the first 48 hours after getting them.

Getting Adjusted to the Feeling of New Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices that will feel foreign to your mouth when you get them. The feeling can cause you to experience some problems with basic tasks such as eating and speaking. Therefore, once you get the new dentures, it is important for your mouth to adjust to the feeling of the dentures being there, thus allowing you to resume normal functions with your mouth. Wearing your dentures continuously for the first 48 hours makes it easy to do so.

Preventing the Bleeding of Your Gums

If you get dentures the same day your teeth are extracted, there is a chance that you will experience some slight bleeding within the first 24 hours or so. During this period, the dentures act as a bandage, with the pressure they insert on the gums suppressing the bleeding.

Problems with Your New Dentures? Call Us for Help

During the first 48 hours when you are required to wear your dentures, it might be possible to experience some discomfort, and even slight swelling of the gum. This, combined with the foreign feeling in your mouth, can tempt you to remove the dentures. However, you should desist from doing so. In the event that the discomfort or swelling is excessive, contact us immediately and let us help you get adjusted.