Dear ADG patients,
Aesthetic Dental Group is back and We are in Phase 1 of our initial reopening. WE HOPE YOU ARE ALL WELL ! We look forward to seeing everyone in the near future. Due to the wording of the reopening state ordinance, dental offices are still restricted regarding a “back to normal” approach. We have been directed to determine which “elective” procedures we deem necessary to do at this time. We are starting to call patients back for exams, cleanings, and regular dental work that fits the category of allowable procedures at this time. Please keep in mind that this is a temporary limitation and we will resume our normal protocol as soon as we are allowed to do so.

We understand that some patients may not feel comfortable resuming treatment at this time. We will of course see those patients for emergencies as indicated and either schedule them for a return visit at a future date or they may call for an appointment when they are comfortable to return. There may also be patients who would like to have a cleaning ASAP and we may feel that it is more prudent for you to wait a bit due to either your risk category or to the elective nature of the procedure at this time. Unfortunately the guidelines are too vague for this to be more definitive and I apologize for that. We will do our best to make good decisions for the safety and well being of each patient and team member associated with our practice. Please feel free to call and discuss if you have special concerns and or requests regarding your individual situation. We will of course try to consider your preferences and arrive at a mutually agreeable plan for your situation.

Initially we will be performing non aerosol cleanings. We will do hand scaling only (no cavitron) and a brush only polish with a special polishing system to remove stain. This is a temporary modification designed to reduce aerosols in the office. We also have our new and additional second level of air filtration in place. We will return to our regular cleaning technique as soon as we feel it is advisable to do so. We appreciate your cooperation and patience with these modifications.

We are at this time limiting the number of patients entering the office at one time. WHEN YOU ARRIVE THE OFFICE DOOR WILL REMAIN LOCKED.PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE CELL (732 501-0245) WHEN YOU ARRIVE. We will call you in when we are ready to see you for your appointment. Please visit this link Covid 19 Form and print out the covid form which need to be filled out and signed. Please bring them with you to your appointment. They are permission, consent and liabilty forms which are required during the pandemic. We are very excited to move forward and return to a modified normal. We really look forward to seeing all of you very soon.

Make sure to follow the following guidelines before returning to the office for your appointment:

2. Please bring your own pen and face mask and wear your face mask into the office when you enter the reception room.

3. Please wait in your car or (weather permitting in the garden if you prefer) until you are texted or called to enter the office. Our goal is to have no more than 2 patients in the reception room at one time.

4. Once you enter the reception room you can refer to the monitor for further instructions.

Best Regards. Drs. Cross, Chan,and team