Orthodontist Bridgewater: What You Can Expect From Orthodontic Care

If you or a family member needs some specialized dental care, orthodontic treatment might be the right path for you.

What Kind of Dentistry Is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic care is a type of dentistry that is beyond normal check-ups and teeth cleanings.  An orthodontist will complete normal dental education, but then obtain additional education to become an orthodontist.

Orthodontic care focuses on the alignment and appearance of teeth, not only for aesthetics, but the health of your jaw. The way the upper and lower jaw meets can lead to a poor bite. Many people have crooked or crowded teeth and orthodontic care can repair this problem. Truly, an orthodontist is a dentist with a wide, accomplished list of skills.

How Can Orthodontists Repair Crowded/Crooked Teeth?

Whether or not you need orthodontic treatment can depend on the severity of the crooked or crowded teeth. This type of care is typically better for children as their teeth grow in, but many adults also seek out this type of care. The typical way to treat misaligned teeth is through braces or retainers. There are several types of treatments that an orthodontist might recommend for you or your children.

Types of Braces

Several types of braces are prescribed for various reasons:

1.  Removable: These braces are made of delicate wires and springs, which can be removed at night. These move teeth with gentle pressure.

2. Fixed: Sometimes teeth need to be more accurately moved, so fixed braces are prescribed with those same wires and springs, which align the teeth on a temporary basis, yet are they can’t be removed until done by your orthodontist after a set period of time.

3. Invisible: These types of braces are made of plastic “aligners” that are molded to teeth. Several sets are made for patients and worn for two weeks, before they should be replaced with new ones. A set can be worn for 22 to 24 hours per day and removed for eating, cleaning teeth, or drinking.

All of these methods can straighten teeth but also repair under-bite or over-bite issues.

The Results of Orthodontic Care

After the braces come off, patients notice immediate changes with many things: the way your jaw feels, your bite, and of course how lovely your straightened teeth appear! At this point, many patients will opt for teeth whitening as well, to top off the new look and health of their teeth.

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