After you have picked up your new dentures, you will begin a transition period as you slowly get used to wearing them. This transition is important in order for you to be able to wear the dentures comfortably, and to eat certain kinds of foods with them.

However, the adjustment period is more than simply getting your gum tissue used to having something pressed up against it. You will also need to learn how to speak clearly when your dentures are in. This is especially true if you have been missing one or more teeth for a lengthy period of time, and have taught yourself how to speak without the use of the teeth.

As you begin learning to speak with the dentures, there are a few things you can do in order to help make the process go more smoothly. By following these tips, you’ll be speaking clearly and succinctly in no time.

Prepare Your Dentures

You may not realize it, but your dentures may shift slightly in your mouth during the day. This is even more the case if you are not using denture adhesive, or if the adhesive you have chosen is not very good.

In order to properly position your dentures before you speak, take a moment to gently bite down. This will help shift them into place, so they will be where you would expect your natural teeth to be. Then you can speak as you would have if you had your teeth in.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Just like you may have learned to speak without one or more teeth, you will learn to speak with your dentures. A great way to speed the process is to practice. Pick up a book or newspaper and read the articles aloud. As you do this, you will more quickly adapt, and you’ll be speaking properly in no time.