If you are searching for an orthodontist near Basking Ridge, please check out the Aesthetic Dental Group. Located in nearby Martinsville they have everything you’ll need and more. Offering complete family dental and orthodontic service, including many cosmetic dentistry options, Aesthetic is a leading provider in the area.

Orthodontist in Basking Ridge — What Aesthetic Offers

When it comes to orthodontic care, patients want a doctor that offers more than one type of treatment. Although braces are still a standard for straightening teeth, there are other alternatives now. Among the orthodontic treatments offered by Aesthetic Dental Group:

  • Traditional metal braces and clear braces
  • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

While both braces and Invisalign straighten teeth to create perfect smiles, they work in different manners. Traditional braces use brackets and wires to provide tension to move teeth. In addition to the standard metal brackets, Clear Braces are also available. Although the clear brackets work in the same manner, they allow the natural color of your teeth to show which blends in, making them less obvious.

Invisalign is a series of almost invisible tray aligners that gently shift teeth into new positions. While this treatment is still considered relatively new, it has more than a 20-year track record of positive results.

Both treatment methods are effective in correcting minor to complex alignment issues including:

  • Gap teeth
  • Overbite and underbite
  • Protruding teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Following an initial consultation, our doctor will discuss the recommended treatment program to transform your smile. If you have a preference, make sure to mention that. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about the treatment, cost, and duration. Our staff will happily discuss all your options before we begin any treatment program.

Our Other Dental Services

Most dental offices just perform dentistry and will refer patients to an outside orthodontist. Aesthetic Dental Group does general dentistry and orthodontics under one roof. Additionally, Aesthetic offers service for the entire family, from the first tooth to the last. Some of the dental services offered include:

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Basking Ridge, why not opt for complete dental and orthodontic care?

Affordable Family Dental and Orthodontic Care

Dr. John Cross and Dr. Monica Chan are eager to meet new patients. While each doctor has their specialty, working together, they create a well-functioning and versatile office. By offering a variety of services under the dental, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontic umbrellas they have created an office for the entire family’s oral healthcare needs.

Beginning treatment with Aesthetic Dental Group is easy. New patients can use our Contact Form to request an appointment for an initial consultation. Our office has COVID-19 protocols in place to protect our patients. We do ask that new patients complete the online New Patient Form prior to their first visit. Appointments can also be set up using our email at info@aestheticdentalgrp.com or by calling the office at 1-732-356-5050.

Additional information on general and cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics can be found on our dental blog, Instagram, and Facebook.