The use of dentures is not new. It is a tool that many people have used to replace missing or damaged teeth. Many people have enjoyed all the benefits that dentures provide, but that has not stopped others from spreading myths about dentures.

When some people hear these things, they may think that getting dentures is worse than doing nothing. There are 3 myths that people need to ignore no matter what.

Myth # 1 – Dentures Eliminate The Need to Visit a Dentist

For one reason or another, many people dread visiting our dentists in Martinsville, NJ. They may hear that getting dentures will eliminate the need for this. Our dentists do more than take care of your teeth. They work to help you maintain good oral health. Oral health includes your teeth, or dentures, your gums, and your entire mouth. It is just as important to visit our offices at least annually whether you have dentures or not to maintain the best oral health possible.

Myth # 2 – Dentures Limit What You Can Eat

People enjoy food. They like to eat and do not like to hear that they cannot eat things they like. They worry that getting dentures will mean they can no longer eat all the foods they love. They imagine a diet of soft foods that do not require any chewing. There are some restrictions about what to eat when you have dentures, but they are not as limiting as people may think. Most people only have to make minor adjustments to their diet with dentures.

Myth # 3 -Dentures Last Forever

Just like your natural teeth, the lifespan of dentures depends on several things. The care you give plays a big role in how long dentures last. The care you give to your gums also plays a role. The shape of your mouth and gums will change over time. It is possible that you will need to get new dentures occasionally to make sure they fit properly. It is also possible that you will need new dentures as they wear down over time.

There are other options besides dentures, but for many, dentures are the best choice. There is no reason to worry about some of the things that you hear about dentures that are not true.

For more information about dentures and how they work, contact your Bridgewater NJ dentist, Dr. John Cross, at Aesthetic Dental Group in Martinsville, NJ.