If you’re missing a one or several teeth, it will change how you bite down and eat food. Nearby teeth may shift in an attempt to cover the empty space, and the bone where the missing teeth were is likely to deteriorate. This can change how you look and make eating and drinking difficult or painful.

A partial denture can be a great solution for these issues when you still have many healthy teeth, but need to fill in the spaces where you’ve lost a few. In addition to restoring your smile, partial dentures have a number of benefits.

Your Teeth Won’t Shift

By filling in the space where you’re missing teeth, the teeth on either side won’t shift. This helps keep those teeth healthy as well as keeping your jaw bone strong. Your overall bite won’t change, either, so you won’t have any issues eating.

It’s Less Invasive

While many people are looking at implants as a way of replacing missing teeth, partial dentures are still a viable option for many. Dentures are less invasive, and they do require extra maintenance, but they get the job done. They also don’t involve dental surgery. If your jaw bone has degraded to the point that it can’t support the posts needed for implants, you may have to have bone grafts. That means extra dental surgery and an even longer recovery time.

You’re also able to keep any healthy teeth you have. If you’re looking at implants, you may be tempted to get the all-on-4 option since it only requires four posts. However, all of your teeth would have to be removed for this, including healthy ones.

If you’re missing some teeth, but also have a number of healthy teeth, partial dentures may be the best option for you. Give us a call today to set up a consultation.