Many people avoid dentists and orthodontists because the first question is always, “How much does an orthodontist visit cost?” The economy is hurting due to COVID-19 and numerous other factors. That limits household budgets and dental care seems to be one of the first things on the chopping block.

Let us explain how orthodontic visits can fit within your budget.

How Much Does an Orthodontist Visit Cost?

When discussing the cost of an orthodontic visit, we can’t answer the question with a specific numeric amount. In many cases, orthodontists offer a free or reduced-price “initial consult.”

This isn’t a bait-and-switch deal. An orthodontist can’t prescribe any type of treatment without an examination because every smile is different. In order to discuss the cost of an orthodontist visit, you have to see the doctor first.

Aesthetic Dental Group offers a complimentary initial consult for new patients. This first visit allows Dr. John Cross and Dr. Monika Chan to meet new patients. The cost of a new patient assessment would normally range in the area of $200 to $350 with X-rays and digital imaging. Offering this as a free service has many advantages.

The doctors can assess the overall condition of a patient’s oral health. After an examination, they can determine whether or not a patient will require orthodontic care. Once an assessment is made, our doctors will discuss their recommendations for continuing treatment. This will include orthodontic appliances if needed, such as braces or Invisalign, and all associated costs.

Another factor in why it is difficult to nail down a precise cost is because orthodontic plans are not “single-visit” events. Orthodontic costs are normally averaged out over the duration of treatment, which allows the cost to fit within almost any budget.

Braces or Invisalign Can Fit into Your Budget

There are many ways to fit orthodontics into your budget. Orthodontic treatment is unique for each patient. Although some may require only minimal adjustment, others may require 12 to 18 months with braces or other appliances. The cost is based on the specific duration of treatment, the type of appliances, and other factors.

There are several ways to defray the cost of orthodontic treatment. Insurance sometimes covers a portion of the cost, but this also varies with each insurance plan. The staff at Aesthetic Dental Group can help to assess what your insurance will offset.

If your employer offers a Health Savings Account or other medical cost savings plan, these can also be a way to lower the final cost. Because your teeth affect your overall health, orthodontics is an important part of remaining healthy.

After all cost assessments are complete, the remaining balance can be paid in a number of ways. Paying as a lump sum may offer additional discounts also. Arrangement for payment plans is available in many instances by using a short-term loan program such as Care Credit. This brings orthodontic treatment into the realm of affordability for all budgets.

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