Whether it is time to fix your slightly crooked smile or simply add some brightness to your teeth, Aesthetic Dental Group can help. Aesthetic can provide for all your dental and orthodontic needs. We are your go-to “best orthodontist near me” in the Bridgewater and Martinsville, NJ area. The first consultation is free for new patients. Make an appointment today to find out why we can be so confident.

The Best Orthodontist Near Me

The first thing that we do with all new patients is to determine what you need. Maybe you just have a couple of poorly-aligned teeth that need a slight adjustment. Overbite? Underbite? Missing teeth? Stained or discolored teeth? Whatever your needs are, we are prepared to handle them at Aesthetic Dental Group.

At Aesthetic, we provide comfortable dental practices, using the latest technology. This promotes faster and effective treatments. We combine orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry with an atmosphere that includes beautiful garden views and relaxing music. Everything we do helps our patients feel at ease in our office.

Doctors John Cross and Monika Chan hold multiple areas of interest. While these include aspects of restorative dental work and orthodontics, they don’t stop there. With a concentration on patient comfort and compassionate treatment, our doctors work to provide the best dental care.

What Aesthetic Dental Group Offers

Proper dental care is the ground floor entry to better overall health. With healthy teeth, your entire body benefits. Regular cleaning and checkups are two of the many services available at Aesthetic.

A standard check during almost any office visit is a visual oral cancer screening. If our doctors notice anything concerning during the visual examination, they may request more in-depth testing.

Under the orthodontics umbrella, Aesthetic Dental Group provides many options for tooth alignment. These include traditional braces, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, and other methods. After an examination, the doctor will determine which treatment would work best for you.

Cosmetic dentistry is predominantly concerned with the appearance of your teeth, but also about keeping your teeth healthy. Our services include teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, tooth-colored fillings. We also do implant restorations and overdentures, complete dentures, crowns, bridgework, and more.

No matter what your dental care and orthodontic needs are, Aesthetic Dental Group has you covered. From routine cleaning to complex reconstruction, we are the “best orthodontist near me” in Bridgewater, NJ.

Get Your Smile On

It’s time to schedule your first appointment and get started with a free consultation. Fill out the online consultation request to get the process started.

Due to COVID-19, our office wants to ensure your safety during your visit. The enhanced safety protocols we have in place include practices and equipment to maintain CDC guidelines. We also require that all patients read and sign our COVID-19 Form. Assuring patients that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe is important to us.

As a new patient, we will ask for additional forms and insurance information as part of the check-in process. You can download the new patient form and the new patient questionnaire to complete at home.

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If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at (732) 507-5007 or use the online contact form. We’re eager to meet you and assist you in getting your best smile on!