How much does an orthodontist visit cost?

How Much Does an Orthodontist Visit Cost?

Many people avoid dentists and orthodontists because the first question is always, “How much does an orthodontist visit cost?” The economy is hurting due to COVID-19 and numerous other factors. That limits household budgets and dental care seems to be one of the first things on the chopping block. Let us explain how orthodontic visits […]

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What Is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist, like Dr. Monika Chan of Aesthetic Dental Group in Bridgewater, NJ, is a dentist who has undergone special training to treat facial and dental anomalies like malocclusions (an abnormality in the alignment of the upper and/or lower teeth); similar to medical doctors that choose to specialize in fields like neurology and endocrinology. What Kind of […]

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