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Orthodontist Bridgewater: Shape Your Smile

Having healthy teeth is vital for a lifetime of smiling, eating, and laughing. Sometimes you need a general dentist or an orthodontist in Bridgewater. There are some differences between general dentistry and orthodontic care.

General Dentistry

A general dentist typically has a doctorate degree of four years in dentistry, as well as having to complete a two-year residency prior to starting a practice. A dentist can diagnose conditions of the teeth or gums, either disease or even something that is physiologically present.

Dentists treat cavities, teeth grinding, receding gums, replacing crowns and bridges, along with overall dental care that encompasses lessons on brushing and flossing teeth properly. X-rays and oral exams is what the patient undergoes, usually in a safe, friendly environment.

An Orthodontist

An orthodontist dentist has the same education level as a general dentist, but then undergoes two to three more years of specialized training in orthodontic dentistry. An orthodontist specifically treats misaligned teeth, which can affect someone’s underbite or overbite, but also affect the jaw.

X-rays are usually done to assess the next steps, and discusses with the patient whether full braces or a retainer is best to straighten and push teeth into the ideal position. Sometimes surgery is required if the jaw or bite is badly positioned, and only surgery can correct a bite.

What Else Falls Under General Dentistry

A cosmetic dentist in Bridgewater often falls into the category of a general dentistry. A cosmetic dentist’s expertise concentrates on the appearance of teeth. Patients need help fixing stained or yellowed teeth, helping to resolve an embarrassment in their daily lives.

While it may not seem urgent to some, a lovely smile does play into first impressions, whether you want to impress in business or on a date. Cosmetic dentistry involves teeth whitening methods or even replacing crowns or bridges with more aesthetically pleasing shapes to round out a smile.  

Which One Do I Need?

General dentistry is important for the normal maintenance of your teeth on a yearly basis. An orthodontist is typically retained for children, but adults also use them to repair crooked teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is not a vital aspect of dental care, since it’s a personal decision to whiten teeth. All of these elements add up to proper and healthy dental care!

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